Top Trending Content for July ‘22

LIAM preparation began in July. With the announcement of Roselyn Sánchez as this year’s spokesperson to all the captivating content, LIAM has begun.


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Here’s the top ten assets used last month:


  1. Consumer PSA (English) — Roselyn Sánchez (Video)
  2. Stephen Miller: Protecting the Future :60 (Video)
  3. Life insurance-an easy decision (Flyer)
  4. Life hint: The living benefits of some combination life insurance policies can help with long-term care expenses. (Graphic)
  5. Term Life Insurance definition (Video)
  6. Most people aren’t prepared financially for the death of a primary wage-earner (Graphic)
  7. You have two families—one at work, one at home. Life insurance can protect both. (Graphic)
  8. Life insurance isn’t for you, it’s for those who have to carry on without you. (Graphic)
  9. It’s not about how much life insurance you need, but how much your family needs if you aren’t there. (Graphic)
  10. “Nothing can bring the person back, but having life insurance meant we didn’t lose everything. It has eased my financial worries on so many levels.” – Stephen Miller (Graphic)


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