Discover how to leverage Life Happens Pro to grow your business.


Digital Marketing

One of the fastest ways to build your brand is by establishing a digital presence. Life Happens Pro makes this easy by connecting your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account to your plan so you can schedule content directly.  


Share a story that connects with clients and prospects on an emotional level. Our Real Life Stories program, Life Lessons scholarship program and award-winning public service announcements are made for storytelling. 


Our Insurance 101 content is made to inform clients and prospects about the basics of life, disability and long-term care insurance and annuities—and as a nonprofit, you can trust that we’re providing an unbiased perspective. 


Supplement your next speaking event with content that can be easily digested during a presentation. Whether you’re meeting with a client or prospect face-to-face, presenting as a speaker for an event, or even participating in podcasts, you can leverage our content to deliver a strong message.   

Direct Mail

Traditional marketing methods still prove effective. Incorporate direct mail and printed assets into your marketing process with flyers and brochures that add an individual touch. 


Media Presence from Multi-Touchpoint Marketing

With much of our lives spent online, Aubrey Fitzloff, an Insurance Broker with LifeTime Insurance Agency, has maximized her digital impact with Life Happens Pro content for more than three years.

Leverage our Award-Winning Content

We have made it even easier to access our award-winning content within Life Happens Pro.

LIAM Top Trending Content Sept. 2022

LIAM topped the volume of content used in any other previous month this year!