Consistent, Quality Content for Brand Awareness

The good ol’ days have passed when insurance professionals had to build their brands through golfing, fancy dinners, and meet and greets. 


Jarrod McAlister, Owner and Principal of McAlister and Associates, PLLC, is able to use the time he saves building his brand online to focus on clients and close sales. 


“Before [Life Happens Pro], marketing was all about networking and going out into the community to find people you can help. It was very time-consuming and expensive. With [LHP] I can take an hour or two to sit down at the beginning of the week and get my name out there. I can then use my extra time to focus on client service and closing sales,” said Jarrod. 


Initially, Jarrod sought out Life Happens Pro to help with marketing and advertising but then upgraded his account in order to leverage unbranded content and Autostream features. 


“I came across Life Happens as an insurance professional because it is a third-party partner that is able to help me with marketing and advertising. I started looking at the pieces of content and then upgraded my membership. Now that I’ve gone full swing to market my brand, going to the Premium end has been a great decision for me,” said Jarrod. 


The Life Happens Pro Premium plan includes access to unbranded contentcontent with no logoand the Social Media Autostream tool. 


Social Media Autostream is a tool that allows users to schedule posts on their social media channels within the app to maintain a consistent posting schedule. 


Jarrod spoke further on how maintaining a consistent posting schedule is not only standard practice for large companies but a necessity for building public trust. 


“I am currently in a brand awareness stage. [When it comes to building an online presence] you can’t do two days one week, and then nothing the next. If you look at the biggest companies, if they say they will post every two daysthey post every two days.” 


Driving the point home, Jarrod spoke on the importance of using quality content to develop your public perception for future prospects. 


Be consistent and build your brand awareness so that when you have an audience you can then [develop leads]. I would encourage anyone to initially curb their expectations because you may not get sales immediately. But, people will know who you are because you have quality content out there in the public eye for when there is a need for life insurance.”