LTCI Awareness Month is Here

Happy November! Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) Awareness Month kicks off today, a time when the industry comes together to share the message that getting long-term care insurance can cover the cost of care when you need it most. While Life Happens does not oversee or coordinate this campaign, we think it’s important to support our members who work with this product.


Here are three ways you can use our LTCI resources this month (and beyond!):


1.     Update your social media profiles’ cover photos to let your audience know that November is Long-Term Care Insurance Awareness Month.


2.     Share our Long-Term Care Insurance 101 video (also on Life Happens Pro) with your clients and prospects. At just 60 seconds, it’s a great way to get the basics.


3.     Check out the helpful resources on our website, including this blog post, “3 Surprising Facts You May Not Know About Long-Term Care Insurance,” and our Long-Term Care Insurance 101 section, which answers common questions about LTCI. Feel free to link to these in your outreach this month.


Looking for more tips to get your LTCI campaign started? Check out our free Marketing Guide.


Tell us what you’re doing for Long-Term Care Insurance Awareness Month! Email