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In February Life Happens Pro customers have shown how valuable “Love is beyond Words”. People have leveraged the ‘Insure Your Love’ campaign to impress to their community the true benefit of having life insurance. Agents and advisors are quick to utilize the new material to their advantage.


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Here’s the list of top ten assets used by agents in February:


  1. February is Insure Your Love month (Graphic)
  2. Express love beyond words with life insurance (Graphic)
  3. 59% of people would feel more secure in their relationship if they discussed getting life insurance with their partner (Graphic)
  4. Life insurance isn’t for you, it’s for those who have to carry on without you (Graphic)
  5. There may be a correlation between your love language and financial behavior (Graphic)
  6. Men are more likely to say that buying life insurance is a financial way to demonstrate your love (33% vs 40%) (Graphic)
  7. You don’t buy life insurance because you’re going to die, but because those you love are going to live (Graphic)
  8. Getting life insurance means you’re putting the “I love you” phrase into motion (Graphic)
  9. Dream On :60 (Video)
  10. Life insurance is love insurance (Video)

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