Insight to Our 2022 Roadmap for Life Happens Pro

The core theme of our story is empowering your insurance marketing presence throughout the year. We know building your brand takes hard work and consistency. Having valuable, timely content to share continually improves your image and drives more customer conversations. 

In this post we’ll discuss improvements to our Life Happens Pro software, as well as updates to our valuable content over the next year. 

Life Happens Pro Functionality 

To make it easier to discover content, the system will be consolidating content in the library by format. Rather than scrolling through all the assets available (branded, unbranded, Facebook, Twitter, etc), you’ll see one display per piece of content and then be able to get to the format you need. This will reduce time scrolling and looking through assets. 

Streamlining and simplifying social media scheduling will be improved for both single social posts, as well as Autostreaming a set of content. This includes a new ability to schedule a full or partial Collection

In 2022, we’ll be introducing timesaving new functionality for compliance review and approval processes. Additionally, we’ll be releasing archiving of social media posts for searchability and audit purposes. 

To help you close the loop with your marketing, we’ll be adding insights on social media posting performance and engagement. With that new information, we’ll also be introducing a new analysis and reporting dashboard of social media status and effectiveness. 

Life Happens Content 

This past year was an incredible leap forward in exciting and valuable content. The trend will continue throughout the new year as well. 

We collaborated with singer, songwriter, producer and humanitarian Kelly Rowland for Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM). By partnering with Life Happens as LIAM spokesperson, Kelly helped get the word out about life insurance through the theme: With life insurance, I’ve got you. Continue to use Kelly’s content until December 31, 2021. 

Our new Diverse Voices Collection was well received and will continue to grow and develop further. We worked closely with our Diversity Advisory Group to tailor these marketing resources directly to the Black community and the myths and misconceptions that may stand in the way of getting life insurance. Content includes the powerful Dream On video PSA, social-media graphics, flyers, Real Life Stories and more. 

Diverse insurance professionals are invited to join Life Happens’ new Diverse Voices Facebook Group, where they engage the industry in discussion on how they can better reach diverse populations year-round. 

Stay tuned for our highly anticipated campaigns. Long-Term Care Insurance Awareness Month launched earlier this month and content is available now to share. Insure Your Love content is coming soon! We can’t wait to show you what we have planned for 2022.