Share Life Happens Pro’s Top Content for October

Choosing the perfect content to post on social media can be a mundane process. Especially if you’re still figuring out which type of content best engages your followers and client base. Life Happens Pro has an extensive content library, where you’re sure to find resources that fit your needs. 

Are you still looking for help on what exactly to post? We’re here to help! Every month Life Happens Pro provides you with the top shared content on the platform. See below to see the most popular content during the month of October, and be sure check back each month to see what’s trending. Start sharing the top content below today to maximize your digital marketing efforts!

1. Long-Term Care Insurance 101 [Video]

2. 4 Benefits of Long-term Care Insurance [Video]

3. With life insurance, I’ve got you. (unbranded) [Video]

4. True or False: If you have medicare or medicaid, you don’t need long-term care insurance. [Video]

5. Text Messages – With life insurance, I’ve got you. (unbranded) [Video]

6. Halloween lawn decor casket: $30 [Graphic]

7. Life insurance covers so much more than burial costs. (unbranded) [Graphic]

8. I’ve got you every step of the way (unbranded) [Graphic]

9. Life goals: Having life insurance protects your loved ones financially. (unbranded) [Graphic]

10. “Having life insurance truly eases my heart and mind.” – Kelly Rowland [Graphic]

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