“I’m No Marketing Expert, I Just Automate the Postings and Let it Run.”

That was the initial response when we asked one of the top posting customers of Life Happens Pro for a spotlight interview. Meet Nicole Hartman, Vice President at the J.F. Zwack Insurance Agency in Michigan. They have always taken great pride in providing a personal touch and being a full-service agency to their customers. “We have a 94% retention rate and it’s important for us to stay that way. If we lose a customer, I take it personally.” 

Nicole says she was born into the agency her father started and has recently taken over since his recent retirement. However, during the transition, Nicole was doing all the heavy lifting. “I did not have enough time in the day with dad’s illnesses to do marketing. For a couple of years, we didn’t write any new policies. Even though dad had sent out postcards for years, people didn’t know we offered life insurance”. 

After using the free version of Life Happens Pro for a while, at the end of last year, Nicole began using the Premium plan to take advantage of the automated scheduling. “There’s only one of me. Having something that automatically takes care of keeping in people’s ears, a little bug in people’s ear about life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care, that helps me as it jogs their memory, so they contact me.” They have written twelve policies over the last year. 

We asked Nicole to describe to others the impact of marketing from Life Happens Pro. “I love the stories and videos because they touch people. Mostly the way the posts are set up, I love the look, they’re not in your face, they’re soft, but they appeal to your emotions.” Nicole closed with, “If you want to increase your presence with professional looking posts, and you don’t have the time to even go to the bathroom during some days, it’s something that’s fully automated, and you know it’s going out to customers. It just takes one less thing off your plate of things to do.”