Using Real Life Stories to Close a Proposal

“Our time with clients is valuable. Fresh marketing content is hard and expensive to continually develop. Why wouldn’t we let the experts create it?” This is Brett Sause, LUTCF, LTCP, CLTC, RFC, LACP, FSCP, RFP, CEO of the Atlantic Financial Group, LLC in Maryland. Brett has been leveraging Life Happens material since 2015, well before Life Happens Pro was launched. Brett continued, “Everyone looks at social media to some degree. It’s controlling the world, where most people are getting their information. Having fresh content, especially videos, is important to keep our presence engaging. Life Happens is my outsourced content marketing service.” 


When we had the opportunity to discuss with Brett how he uses Life Happens Pro, we learned that it is part of Atlantic’s marketing process and integrated with some sales steps. 


Brett regularly uses our online life insurance needs calculator early in his sales process. “Most people are not properly insured to the appropriate level. When I ask how they determined their current coverage, they normally respond with ‘I don’t know.’ We point them to the calculator. It provokes a discussion and does 90% of the sales work. The calculator makes the conversation very neutral.” 


To help close a proposal, Brett leverages Life Happens Pro’s Real Life Stories. Business owners who tapped their cash value; families whose disability insurance kept them afloat; a retiree who can maintain her independence thanks to annuities: There are 400+ assets available to demonstrate the benefits of different types of policies. “As we prepare to send a client proposal, our team scans through the Life Happens Pro Real Life Stories library to find a story with a similar situation as the client. Adding the video to the proposal hits home for most people and makes the idea of buying life insurance very important to their family.”