4 Life Insurance Marketing Videos that Educate and Inspire Clients

81% of marketers say video has helped them directly increase sales, according to Wyzowl Research. You may not consider yourself a “marketer,” but that’s what we’re here for!


Life Happens’ in-house video producer and editor, Connor Dolby, creates educational and inspirational insurance videos that are available on Life Happens Pro for agents and companies to use. We want to share four life insurance marketing videos with you and explain how you can incorporate them into your sales process.


1. Life Insurance 101


The truth is, trying to understand life insurance for the first time can be confusing and complicated. According to the 2021 Insurance Barometer Study, one of the top reasons uninsured Americans give for not owning life insurance is that they’re unsure how much they need or what type to buy (65%). With this knowledge, we know not all prospects are at the same level of understanding of life insurance, and they might not be familiar with insurance jargon. But you’re in luck because we have a short, 60-second consumer-friendly video that succinctly explains life insurance.


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2. Dream On


Dream On is an inspirational public service announcement that tells the story of a daughter growing up with, and then without, her father. Fortunately, he had life insurance coverage, and she was still able to pursue her dreams of college. Leverage the power of storytelling with your clients to inspire conversations around the importance of life insurance. It shows people the emotional side of proper financial planningit’s not for you, it’s for those who have to carry on without you. Make sure to pack the tissues (trust us)!


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3. Sara Mathews Dixon’s Real Life Story

Clients need to see what life insurance can do for their families when adversity strikes. This is where our Real Life Stories program comes in. Every year, our team selects a couple of stories that highlight the significance of life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care insurance, or annuities.

Meet Sara Mathews Dixon, a widow at 40 and one of our recent Real Life Stories recipients. She tells other parents to get life insurance before health issues make it challenging to obtain.

Does your client have a family with a story similar to Sara Mathews Dixon’s? Then share this video with them in follow-up emails or during a meeting to make that personal connection.

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4. Cory and Asia Schroeders’ Real Life Story

Have you ever talked to your clients about living benefits but haven’t been able to show them a video featuring a “success” story? Enter in Asia and Cory Schroeder, another one of our Real Life Stories recipients. They used the cash value of their permanent life insurance policies to purchase a larger property for their growing 24/7 gym business.

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In addition to our Real Life Stories videos, we produce and design corresponding flyers, emails, social media graphics and blog posts. We provide you with diverse marketing resources because we know that not all clients absorb information the same way. Check out Life Happens Pro today to see our full suite of Real Life Stories assets.

Depending on your clients’ situations and needs, the videos you share with them should relate to their background, experience and understanding of life insurance. Our Life Happens Pro library has any life insurance marketing video you could ever want or imagine. Plus, we’re constantly expanding our library.