Using Content for Both Sales and Marketing

“We use Life Happens content for all forms of sales and marketing initiatives.” This is Karen Bromley, Chief Information Officer at Avery Hall Insurance Agency in Salisbury, Maryland. “Anytime you find a platform like Life Happens Pro that produces all this quality, well-thought-out content for you to use in your everyday sales and marketing routines, you need to use it.” 


Karen shared the wide variety of ways Avery Hall puts our content to use. They look to drive traffic to their website via social media posts, client newsletters, trade shows and events. They utilize the Life Happens Pro social media calendars to help the agency post to its social accounts, identifying and establishing their business as a valuable resource for prospective life insurance clients.  


“The Life Happens content is used in marketing and advertising. Using it as a tool for selling is extremely helpful. The embeddable calculator on the website is used in client meetings and consultations to calculate the suggested amount of life insurance. It’s a great conversation starter.” As a Life Happens Pro subscriber, you can customize our calculator to work with your website’s color scheme and design in just a few easy steps. Then you simply copy and paste the embed code to your website, and you’re ready to go. 


Karen discussed an example of a cross-selling email campaign. As they are primarily a property and casualty agency, Avery Hall looks for opportunities to introduce life insurance. “Adding a Life Happens Real Life Story video within the email made the difference. It added a compelling, emotion-driven element to the email and directly led to selling new policies and building awareness. The video had a 65% play rate, which was one of our highest in years.” 


As we ended our conversation, we asked Karen what other suggestions she had for industry peers. “The most important thing is to revisit the Life Happens Pro platform consistently. Set monthly calendar or activity reminders to search for the latest content. This material works. It’s tried and true. We need to remind our audience that we are here to help with their life insurance needs. Our agents and the agency need to share relevant, timely and heartfelt life insurance messaging to stay top of mind.”