Disability Insurance Awareness Month is Here

Happy May! Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM) kicks off today, a time when the industry comes together to bring awareness to the enormous gap that exists between Americans’ need for disability insurance and the actual coverage they have.


According to recent findings from the 2022 Insurance Barometer Study, the pandemic has brought greater immediacy to disability insurance. More people now have personal experience with the financial hardships that occur when a household’s primary wage earner gets sick or injured: Half (49%) say their household would face financial hardship in six months or less. But while 53% of Americans say they need disability insurance coverage, just 14% have an individual policy.


Here are four ways you can use our new DIAM resources this month (and beyond!) to help clients and prospects understand the importance of disability insurance.


1.     Get the refreshed Disability Insurance 101 video (branded or unbranded) on Life Happens Pro or share it from YouTube. This video is part of our full series of insurance 101 videos.

2.     Use our new High-Income Earners flyer when you meet with clients or prospects within that audience. This one-pager is a quick and easy way to understand why the coverage offered at work is typically not enough.

3.     Keep the conversation going by linking to our Disability Insurance Needs Calculator and the Disability Insurance 101 section of our website, which answers common questions about DI.

4.     Update your cover photos on social media to let your audience know you’re participating in DIAM. We’ve done the work for you by sizing cover photos appropriately for each channel. Download them now on Life Happens Pro.


Tell us what you’re doing for Disability Insurance Awareness Month! Email support@lifehappens.org.