The Perfect Tool for Insurance Marketers of Any Level

“When they [advisors] come to me and say, ‘How do I get started on social media? I don’t have a lot of time, but I know I need to do it and I need help,’ I recommend Life Happens,” says Laura Thompson, Director of Marketing at Diversified Brokerage Services. “Everything they need to get started is right there.”

Laura has been utilizing the Life Happens Pro platform for many years now and believes that it is a great resource for marketers of any level of expertise. She mentions that whether you’re just getting started, or have previous marketing experience, Life Happens Pro can elevate your current marketing strategy. Laura advises that those who are just beginning should start small and gradually work toward getting into a routine to avoid burnout.

“They have this big idea of what they’re going to do, and they find they can’t keep up,” Thompson continues. “They underestimate how much time it takes to find content; they burn out and they scrap it. And if they ask me, I recommend Life Happens Pro for that Monthly Social Calendar alone.”

She mentions that the Monthly Social Calendars are exactly what beginners need to get started, while also being a great resource to any insurance marketer. It helps provide a core framework for her company’s overall marketing strategy. Laura encourages those just getting started on social media to use the calendar as the perfect way to start small, while more advanced marketers can use it to enhance what they’re already doing. She reiterates that both the calendar and Life Happens Pro as a whole elevate a person no matter what level of expertise they are. “It’s well-written, good content and is easy to use. I can’t stress how easy it is to get started.” 

Laura has found recent updates to the platform have made her experience stronger and appreciates the more robust content library. She often recommends materials from the platform to help advisors and finds that material is presented in a way that’s easy for advisors and clients to understand. Content such as the Real Life Stories videos have helped advisors show clients and prospects just how important having life insurance is. These videos have helped spark a realization of coverage needs in a relatable way.

“A message I would want to get out,” Laura finishes, “Is above all, our job is to increase awareness about the importance of life insurance and help the advisors we serve obtain life insurance information for the clients they serve. We rely on Life Happens Pro and find it extremely valuable to help get that word out.”