Share Diverse Voices During Black History Month

Share Diverse Voices During Black History Month


February is Black History Month. Take this opportunity to speak directly to the Black community about the importance of life insurance.


We worked closely with our Diversity Advisory Group over the past year to create our Diverse Voices collection. This content is evergreen and can be used in your content plan alongside all the Insure Your Love themed resources.


Here are a few ways to take advantage of the resources:

·      Download all the available content in the Diverse Voices collection from Life Happens Pro, which includes flyers, videos, social-media graphics, Real Life Stories and more.

·      Personalize the resources by using your Life Happens Pro Plus or Premium account to add your logo, contact info, etc.

·      Visit the Black Americans: Life Insurance Ownership and Attitudes special report, which has focused data and insights from the 2021 Insurance Barometer Study.

·      Watch this industry webinar on Improving Life Insurance Coverage for Black Americans—5 Myths and Misconceptions with financial professionals Delvin Joyce and Kristen Hall Eskew for solutions to dismantle myths and ways to be more impactful in the Black American marketplace.

·      Read this companion consumer-facing blog post, “5 Myths the Black Community Has About Life Insurance,” for more insights from Delvin Joyce.

Diverse insurance professionals are invited to join Life Happens’ new Diverse Voices Facebook Group, where we engage the industry in discussion on how we can better reach diverse populations year-round.