Join Life Happens and NAIFA for a Special Twitter Chat During #InsureYourLove

Join Life Happens and NAIFA as we moderate a Twitter Chat during Insure Your Love Month. We’ll discuss new data that shows Americans are delaying traditional life milestones and following alternative paths in favor of financial security.

We anticipate plenty of activity from consumers, the media, insurance companies, agents and advisors. We hope the chat helps promote how important financial security, including having adequate life insurance, is for couples.

Date: Thursday, Feb. 13 from 1:00 p.m. EDT to 2:00 p.m. EDT

Hashtag: use and follow #InsureYourLoveChat during the above timeframe

Life Happens will moderate the discussion and drive the conversation using the questions and statistics below. Pass your answers through company compliance if needed. Remember, you’ll have to use the #InsureYourLoveChat hashtag in each tweet.

All statistics below come from the study “The New American Milestones” Life Happens, 2020

Q1: 61% agree that traditional milestones are no longer important and following alternative paths in favor of financial security. Why has financial security become a top priority? #InsureYourLoveChat 

Q2: We found a whopping 72% of Americans say financial security is an important act of love — with men more likely to agree that financial security is a genuine act of love compared with women. Why do you think there’s a gender difference? #InsureYourLoveChat

Q3: The #1 delayed life milestone is saving for retirement. How do we combat this? #InsureYourLoveChat

Q4: Life happens! How can people better prepare themselves financially for unexpected life changes? #InsureYourLoveChat

Q5: The majority of Americans report being more financially stable as a result of not following a traditional path. Why do you think this is? #InsureYourLoveChat

Q6: 28% of Americans worry about putting off long-term financial planning. That seems low. How do you help people with long-term financial planning? #InsureYourLoveChat

And don’t forget that you, too, can help spread financial awareness during Insure Your Love Month by participating in the #InsureYourLove Hashtag Promotion.

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