Are You Ready for Insure Your Love Month?

Life Happens created and coordinates the Insure Your Love (IYL) campaign every February due to the basic motivation behind the purchase of life insurance, love. Everyone wants to make sure their loved ones are protected, and the best way to protect someone financially is with life insurance.

This year’s IYL campaign theme is “A Promise Kept.” The theme is based on the success of our moving “A Promise Kept” video, which perfectly captures one’s promises to protect their loved ones with life insurance. Click here to watch the video.

The message of the theme is straightforward:

Life’s milestone moments usually require a promise—to love, cherish, guard and protect. And an important part of keeping those promises is making sure your loved ones would be OK financially if something were to happen to you. That’s why there’s life insurance. Keep your promise and insure your love.

With the IYL campaign month starting on Saturday, make sure to prepare your marketing outreach efforts with Life Happens’ latest IYL campaign resources which include:

• New long and short videos featuring a captivating animation style that show how life insurance is all about keeping promises to your loved ones

• “A Promise Kept” digital flyers and email templates

• Postcard templates that you can use with an on-demand printer

• A pre-written calendar of social-media posts that you can use as-is or modify to fit your needs

• Instagram-ready videos to help set your feed apart

• New graphics that are perfect for social media and general outreach

• And more!

Make sure to share all these amazing resources with the #InsureYourLove hashtag that helps amplify the conversations around “love insurance.”

Agent subscribers to Life Happens Pro can explore the IYL resources by clicking here.

If you access Life Happens Pro through your company you can explore the IYL resources by clicking here.