Five Tips to “Stop the Scroll” for Your Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular ways to advertise, and it’s successful if you know how to create the right images for your ads. Here are five tips that will help your Facebook ads stand out from the rest of the feed. 

1. Follow Facebook’s Text in Ad Images Rule

If you want to use text on your image, Facebook found that images with less than 20% text perform better. Try a smaller font and fewer words to lower the proportion of text to image. Facebook’s text overlay tool will help you get your ad approved. 

We’ve done the work for you! We created thirteen Life Fact graphics that follow Facebook’s rule. These Life Facts feature insurance industry stats taken from the 2019 Barometer Study and come in different formats with branded and unbranded versions.

2. Think Mobile First 

Remember, most people will be scrolling through their Facebook News Feed on their phones. Bookmark Facebook’s Best Practices Guide and design images that cover as much of the screen as possible. Facebook recommends square 1:1 for images and vertical 4:5 for videos.

3. Focus on a Single Focal Point in Your Image

You want to engage people quickly and make sure your message is easy to consume. If there’s too much going on in your image, it may be tough for someone to understand what you’re communicating.

4. Test a Variety of Images

When creating new images, try different colors or focal points with the same message and try a split test. A split test lets you compare different versions of your ads so you can see which performs better. For example, you can test ads with different images to help you understand which works best with your audience.

5. Use Multiple Images with Facebook’s Carousel Format

Get more bang for your buck! Add up to 10 images or videos using the carousel format, each with its own link. This gives you more creative space and allows you to show more images for people to scroll through at the same cost. 

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