Video Content Creation in the Virtual Environment

During these unprecedented times, video creation through traditional means doesn’t seem quite as possible with restrictions on travel and the enforcement of social distancing. Video production is looking a bit different nowadays and there’s several ways to create compelling videos from home. I want to share with you some tips to help you create video virtually in an efficient and safe way.

After working with our DIAM spokesperson, Scott Rider, to film a virtual Real Life Story, as well as working with our LIAM spokesperson, Brooke Shields, I have tried my hands at conducting interviews and video shoots virtually. From using a teleprompter app on an iPhone for script reading, to directing a two-camera interview over a Zoom call, I have learned a few things in the process, and it has forced me to think about the way I create videos moving forward.

Focus on the Story

Rather than worry about having a highly produced, 4K video, pay more attention to the video’s overall message. An audience is far more likely to pay attention to a captivating story rather than a polished image. When creating video, make sure the story and message are the top priorities.

Use the Cameras You Already Own

Instead of going out and buying a camera, or feeling what you own is inadequate, use the cameras you already have access to. Your phone camera or laptop webcam are more than enough to create compelling videos. For good video quality, it’s not always about having the best camera. The environment in which you record, plays a larger part in the overall video quality. Two of the biggest things to consider when recording are lighting and sound.

For better lighting, film in locations with lots of natural light. Filming near a large window can make all the difference in your video and will create flattering, soft light on your subject. If natural light is not possible for your setup, consider ordering an inexpensive LED ring light, perfect for Zoom calls and video recording.

Click here for more tips on setting up your camera or webcam.

After choosing a well-lit area to film, next you’ll want to pay attention to the sound. Record in areas with little to no noise. Your phone and computer’s microphones are actually quite sensitive and even the hum of an A/C unit or refrigerator can weaken your overall sound quality. If you wanted to upgrade your sound, using a USB-powered microphone that plugs directly in your computer is a great addition. This purchase is not necessary but is a good investment since it is a high-quality microphone that can be used during video conferencing calls, phone calls, podcasts, and video recording.

Consider the Type of Video You Want to Create

Whether it be a direct, scripted message to your audience, a conversation on a newsworthy topic, or a virtual interview with an industry leader over Zoom, there are many different ways to create videos. Again, place your story as the top priority and think of which method would tell it the best.

A great place to start with video creation is with recording an interview over Zoom. Zoom, as well as other video-conferencing applications, has video recording built into the software. The record button will capture you and your guest’s audio and video and will generate one clip that is already edited together when you end your call. With this method, you’ll have a video file ready to download that can be uploaded online to be shared across social-media or embedded on a website without any editing. Be sure to run through some audio and video tests beforehand and allow yourself plenty of extra time for technical issues.

If you’re looking for a guest to interview, Life Happens has a great collection of industry-expert speakers to choose from to find the perfect fit for your company’s message.

Use Pre-Existing Videos

If creating video isn’t possible for you or your company, tap into resources you already have generated. With a new perspective, voiceover track, or social post description, see if there’s any new light to be shed on a previous video. If you don’t have an archive of content or are looking for some new pieces, consider viewing the dozens of insurance-themed videos we have in our collection on Life Happens Pro.

With these tips, start thinking differently with how you create videos. Right now, more than ever, it’s important to communicate with your audience and video is a great way to touch base and continue sharing your important message. I hope these tips will help you and your company hit the ground running in creating impactful videos in this virtual landscape.