Top 10 Pieces of Life Happens Pro Content for the Last 90 Days

When you’re looking for nothing but the best life insurances marketing resources, Life Happens Pro is here to fulfill your needs. Our various resources, such as social-media graphics, social media calendars and Real Life Stories Videos, just to name a few, are the perfect way to inform the public about the importance of life insurance in an easy and relatable way.

We love seeing what pieces you all are connecting with the most, which allows us to provide you all with even greater content in the future. Over the past 90 days we’ve seen a multitude of downloads and we’re excited to announce out top 10 downloaded resources.

Check out the list here:

1. May Social Media Calendar (DIAM)

2. 2019 Barometer Study

3. June Social Media Calendar

4. Travis Guthman’s 60-second Real Life Stories Video

5. Life is for Living Poem Video

6. April Social Media Calendar

7. Mother’s Day Graphic

8. Life Hint Graphic: “Always pass on what you have learned.”

9. Michael Sizemore’s 60-second Real Life Stories Video

10. Disability Insurance 101 Video

As you’ll see from the list, the May Social Media Calendar (DIAM) was the most downloaded resource for the past 90 days, followed by a variety of other content including videos, various social media calendars and holiday graphics.

Download your favorite pieces today and be sure to check out our other great resources, such as our newly released Life Insurance Awareness Month content. Thank you for your dedication to Life Happens and we can’t wait to share even more amazing content with all of you.