Top 10 Content Pieces for May

Life Happens Pro is here for you every step of the way with only the best resources to help you inform the public about the importance of life insurance. From social media calendars to videos to social media graphics, our customizable content always brings your social media presence to the next level.  

We’ve seen your feedback and what resources you’re loving, and we’re excited to announce the top downloaded pieces from Life Happens Pro during the past 30 days.

Check out the list below.

1. Social Media Calendar for May 

2. 2019 Barometer Study

3. Mother’s Day Graphic

4. May the 4th Graphic

5. Travis Guthman 60s video

6. Disability 101 Video

7. Life is for Living Poem video

8. Social Media Calendar for April 

9. Michael Sizemore’s 60s Video

10. Valerie King Quote Graphic

As you can see our May Social Media Calendar was the most downloaded resource followed by a variety of content, including the 2019 Barometer Study, holiday graphics and videos.  

Download your favorites from the list, as well as all of our other great content as it’s released. We appreciate you using our tool and look forward to continuing to provide you with great content.