Tips and Dispelling Myths for Insurance and Covid-19

During these times of uncertainty agents and policy holders alike have a lot of adjustments to make in regard to insurance and covid-19. With the sheer amount of questions, information and uncertainty out in the world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know what to believe or where to start. Unfortunately, many consumers with no life insurance or insignificant coverage may not know how to go about getting the coverage they need and may unfortunately be buying into myths around insurance during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is why you as advisors must take the steps to educate these consumers on how easy it is to get coverage right now.

One of the most prominent myths you might see agents saying during this time is “My clients have too much to worry about right now. Is this the time I should be talking to them about life insurance?” The answer is a big yes. Consumers may be adjusting to their new normal, but they’re home, they’re worried and they’re depending on you to help them find the coverage they need during these times. Some would argue this is actually the best time to speak to clients as many millennials have now come to the realization that they could die at any time. This may sound bleak, but realization causes action and coverage is important no matter when it’s utilized.

Another myth agents may believe is that with many shifting to virtual work, consumers don’t know where to look to find coverage. The truth is that many consumers have already made the shift to searching for life insurance virtually before Covid-19 even was a thought in their minds. Consumers look to social media and websites to find information on life insurance and insurance agents and it’s important to have an active online presence so you can ensure they turn to you for help. Resources such as those found on Life Happens Pro can help you with having a strong social media presence.

There are also myths that consumers believe as well. One of the biggest ones being that life insurance may not cover death from Covid-19. And as we know as long as they are upfront and honest on their application regarding their current health conditions, they will still be covered. This is something that is important to reiterate to potential clients who may be under the impression they would not be covered during these circumstances.

Now that we’ve dispelled some common myths, what are some tricks to help you during these times? As mentioned above, it’s more important now than ever to have an active online process through social media and an easy to navigate, informative website. The agents fully embracing this digital landscape will be the most set-up for success. It’s important to be front and center digitally, otherwise fellow agents will capitalize on your virtual absence.

It’s not enough to just be communicating digitally though, it’s also important to have a simple online process for life insurance applications. With digital underwriting becoming so prominent, you need to ensure your process is simple, easy to navigate and accessible. And once everything is completed, make sure to keep building that relationship with your policy holders. Now more than ever, they want that relationship and comfort that you can bring them.

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