This Is Love

I think this post pretty much sums up what we do in our industry and what the Insure Your Love campaign is all about. Life insurance IS love insurance. Have you gone over to to check out how other agents and advisors are spreading the word on social media? We have a curated collection there and would love to add yours, too. 

It’s easy to do, just post on social media what exemplifies “This Is Love” and tthen add #InsureYourLove. Be sure to add the hashtag to your Twitter and Instagrams posts so they are included in the gallery. For Facebook, make sure you tag the Life Happens Facebook page in addition to using the hashtag. (Facebook is just weird that way.)

That’s it. It’s a great reminder for your friends and followers, and going to the gallery is a great reminder for all of us in the industry about why we do what we do.

Hope you’re having a good Insure Your Love campaign!