Staying Consistent, Connected and Having the Right Tools

“The social-media posts we get from Life Happens Pro attract attention, it gets “likes,” and most importantly it results in action,” says Bryon Holz, Registered Principal at Bryon Holz & Associates. “We’re current and connected, and it helps clients understand the value of life insurance.”

Bryon has been a long-time supporter of the Life Happens Pro platform, having utilized the materials for several years now. Content such as new, evergreen content, awareness campaign materials and monthly social calendars have allowed his team to stay current and well-connected. His team takes a very methodical approach to social media, which includes planning content a month in advance and specifying different content types for different days.

Holz stresses the importance of not only being active on social media but being consistent and knowing your audience. As social media can reach a wide variety of demographics across multiple platforms, Bryon is specific on what type of content he posts to which platform, to ensure he’s engaging the right demographic. He stresses being on social media consistently is where one needs to be as a financial professional. “We use it generously and consistently and I think that’s the key, consistency throughout the year.”  

Bryon continues that social-media consistency isn’t just to engage new business, but also to affirm to current clients and policy holders that the products they have are important and make them feel positively about what they have or may need. Knowing his audience and continuing to engage them has allowed Bryon’s practice to thrive over the last few years.

While the company went to virtual client services before the pandemic hit, due to the marketing strategy and business practices they already had in place, Holz and his team were ready to help new and current clients feel protected and safe. Since then, Bryon mentions the past two years have been some of the most successful they’ve ever had, and he credits much of that to their social media presence and Life Happens Pro’s materials.  

“Life Happens Pro certainly is the right tool for reaching our clients and prospects regarding protecting what’s most important to them, their families and their businesses.” Bryon closes with “What we do at the end of the day isn’t sell products, it’s not even selling policies. It’s building relationships, bringing peace, helping them feel protected, helping them feel secure and bringing them financial security.”