May the 4th Be with Your Clients

If you ask a social media manager what one of the most important aspects of sharing content on social media is, they will likely tell you that it’s more than just sharing important information. It’s important to incorporate fun and timely content, such as current events or holidays. Fun or holiday-centric content doesn’t have to be limited to the typical, it can incorporate fun, engaging holidays.

This Saturday, May 4th, honor your favorite space adventure movie with our free custom piece of social content specifically created for and available to Life Happens Pro users. Make a connection with your fellow space lovers and May the Fourth be with all your clients.

You can download the May the Fourth piece by logging into your Lite account, downloading the piece to your computer, and then posting it on Facebook, Instagram or any other social site. 

There’s also copy available to make your job even easier: “Pass on the importance of life insurance you must. #StarWarsDay #MayTheFourth”

Plus, if you love this graphic, make sure to upgrade to a Plus or Premium account for access to hundreds of other amazing content pieces just like it. They get access to branded or unbranded versions as well.

Its social media made easy, thanks to Life Happens Pro!