Life Happens…Women in Leadership, Are You Ready?

Change is inevitable…it’s going to happen whether you are ready or not, prepared or not, happy or not. As women in leadership, change will be in front of us every day…ok sometimes hourly. Your job is to look at the situation and decide how change will either be a positive or a negative…even though, we tend to go towards the negative. Do you have the qualities of a great leader that will guide you through the maze of changes?

The truth is that embracing change in work and life is essential to growing as an individual and as a leader and being a better person than who you were yesterday…but it isn’t easy. And with my blog “Change Is Inevitable, Growth Is Optional” you would think I would know that…but it isn’t easy. Why is it so difficult? It might be because we don’t like the lack of control or the uncertainty of outcomes not being what we thought, or bruised egos, embarrassment or failing. People also seem to hate losing more than they love winning. But, if you don’t learn to embrace change and if you don’t move forward, you will be left behind, and that seems even worse and definitely harder.

So, let’s get comfortable being uncomfortable and figuring out a way to embrace change instead of ignoring it.

1. Take small action steps

2. Start with an end goal, work backward and break your goal into small action steps until you can get to the very first one in the path. 

3. Check your ego. Typically, the biggest roadblock to change is you. 

4. Fail correctly. For some reason, most of us were never taught to fail. This is unfortunate because failure, when done properly, is a good thing. Embracing change is really not about failing.  It’s about learning and growing and distributing responsibilities so that you share what you know and can rise to the next level. 

Think about it this way. Time never stands still in real life. It’s not like the movies where characters can freeze-frame and the writer takes the viewer on some unrelated story. In real life, change happens constantly. You can fight it or welcome it. It’s your choice. Change will occur regardless.  So, the question remains, why not embrace change? If change is going to happen anyway, fighting it won’t do any good. It’s better to figure out an approach to deal with change that will work for you.

It’s time to revisit those essential leadership qualities that just might be taking a backseat, for whatever reason…passion, authenticity, courage, communication, decisiveness, resilience, and generosity. Which quality resonates with you the most? Start there.

Through it all opportunities will appear.  They may not be what you had hoped for, or they may be things you had never considered. Be open and remain curious about what opportunities changes will bring. 

Change is inevitable…growth is optional.


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