Life Happens Is Here for You and the Industry

To our Life Happens partners and the financial services industry as a whole,

Since Life Happens’ founding 25 years ago, we have seen many events affect this industry in good ways, and some not so good ways. But one thing that has always been a constant is our steely resolve as a group that what we do on a daily basis provides consumers with financial security and peace of mind. Both of which are much needed at this time.  

While we as an industry, and we as a world, grapple with daily changes to what we have been accustomed to due to the effects of the Coronavirus; remember that your services to consumers may be the only thing that can make them feel safe and assured. Your expertise and the products you sell continue to be critical in protecting families, businesses, and individuals’ dreams and futures. 

Life Happens will continue supporting the industry and our digital consumer education resources to provide you with another way to communicate with your prospects and clients on an ongoing basis, no matter if it is via social media, a web conference or an email. And until such time as face-to-face meetings become more commonplace, we suggest you use our resources to continue educating your clients and prospects and making sure they feel protected financially. 

To make this easier, Life Happens is making our digital consumer education platform Life Happens Pro available to you for a free month so that you can continue reaching out to your clients and prospects during this time. They want and need to hear from you and our digital educational content will help you reach out to them anytime and anywhere. 

(New subscribers will be given a discount code for a free month during the sign-up process. Questions about the discount can be sent to

We thank you for your continued support during this time. Life Happens prides itself on educating and providing our partners with the necessary tools they need, and now will be no different. Life Happens is here for you and will continue to provide you with the means to protect yourself. Stay safe and healthy!