Life After LIAM: What’s coming your way for content and product updates

While Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) is in full swing, there are 15 more days to plan your content strategy to maintain your marketing momentum after this month.


So, here is a comprehensive list of collections to use right now through October, and campaigns to integrate through the winter.


What’s Happening Now:


Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15 to October 15, and we’ve released afull suite of new resources in Spanish and English that speak directly to theHispaniccommunity.


Download all the available content in the Hispanic Heritage Month collection from Life Happens Pro.


This includes:




       Social Media Graphics


       Real Life Stories

       and more in both English and Spanish.  


Spanish Resources:


We also released Spanish versions of some of our most popular tools and resources as well.


This includes:


       The Life Insurance 101 Video and Brochure

       Myths vs. Facts about Life Insurance

       and the Life Insurance Needs Calculator.



Access Hispanic Heritage Month collection.



Small Business Collection:


The Small Business collection in Life Happens Pro has been thoroughly refreshed with 60 new valuable assets.


These include:


       the new Small Business Brochure

       Social Media Graphics


       and even more content highlighting how proper insurance can help protect a business—and the families who rely on it.



View the Small Business collection here.




Product Updates:  


The Life Happens Pro (LHP) software development team has had a successful year and has numerous projects rolling out for the remaining part of 2022.


Getting New Content to You


Serving up valuable content is core to Life Happens Pro. In September we’re finishing internal tools to empower the creative content team to reduce the time needed to finalize material and have it properly appear in LHP. Our goal is to regularly provide new and updated resources for your marketing needs.


Streamlining and Simplifying Social Media Scheduling


One of the most exciting projects is ‘Streamlining and Simplifying Social Media Scheduling’. This release will improve both single social media posting, as well as Autostreaming a set of content. Additionally, you’ll be able to Autostream Collections and Custom Collections (Agency).


Personalized Content Usage History


What content have you previously used and when? We’ll be providing you the history of your own usage within LHP so you know what (and when) material you have utilized. 




Here is what’s ahead:


Long-term Care Insurance Awareness Month is in November, but we’ve released content earlier than ever this year.


The resources include:


       Our refreshed LTCI 101 video and brochure

       A suite of social media graphics

       Social media calendar,

       Real Life Stories content and more.


Access Long-term Care Insurance Awareness Month content here.


Our Insure Your Love campaign is in February, and we’re in the process of creating content for it now.


Expect to see content released this November!  


Stay tuned for more to come.