LIAM 2020 Results Are in!

Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) 2020 was our most successful campaign yet! This success is due to a variety of factors including our phenomenal media coverage, an engaging suite of resources, our evergreen LIAM theme, “Reality Check: The time for life insurance is now,” and of course, the timely message from LIAM spokesperson Brooke Shields. We’re excited about what we accomplished this year and looking forward to keeping up the momentum in 2021. See the impressive results below.

Watch our LIAM Recap video by clicking the thumbnail above.

Top Results

  • 2.4+ billion impressions from secured media coverage.
  • Brooke Shields’ PSA had an audience reach of 1+ billion via TV and radio in 2019 and 2020.
  • #LIAM20 had 29+ million impressions.
  • #LIAM20Chats Twitter chat had 12+ million impressions.
  • In September alone, Brooke’s new videos were viewed 1.8+ million times on Life Happens’ social media channels.

Now that you’ve seen all the LIAM stats and watched our recap video, be sure to read all about LIAM, Life Happens and sound financial planning in the articles below.

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Thank you for supporting our initiatives and adding your voice to #LIAM20.