Include Charitable Efforts in Your Agency’s Social Media Marketing

A well-rounded social media marketing strategy will include a variety of topics, but you’re missing out if you’re ignoring one important one—your charitable efforts. 

I know many insurance professionals and almost all of them do some sort of charity work in their community. Some volunteer in some capacity or sit on a board of directors for organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club of America, Little League, or animal rescue groups. 

But does their social community know? Posting updates or certain items related to volunteering in your “real” community leads to you looking more human and approachable in your social feed. Plus, you’re telling more people about your specific charity. Most charities need all the publicity they can get. 

I would experiment with making around two posts in a given month that are related to your charity work and inserting it into your social marketing calendar. (Don’t have a calendar? Click here!) A picture would work best: grab a selfie with another volunteer onsite or take a picture of yourself with that precious dog at the animal shelter where you volunteer. See what kind of feedback or engagement you get. It should stick out to your followers because you’re helping their community too. 

Remember, this isn’t about creating more work. You most likely already volunteer in your community. You just have to change your mindset to always be thinking about ways you can post it on social if it makes sense. Win-win.