Helping Businesses Fund Their Buy-Sell Agreements (and More!)

I got a question from someone in the Life Happens Pro community and thought it would be good to share with you. Life Happens has a lot of great Real Life Stories videos that show the power of life insurance and disability insurance. This agent, however, wanted to focus on the small-business market, specifically regarding funding a buy-sell agreement with life insurance or disability insurance. Well, we’ve got those for you to use!

People are moved to action by emotion, and the follow stories show how important it was that the right planning was in place for the business and the families involved.

Funding Buy-Sells Agreements
If you are looking to help a business owner with funding a buy-sell agreement with life insurance, show them the Young’s story “A Dream Lives On,” (it also mentions DI) or the Gongos’s story “His Final Gift.”

If you are working with law firms or other professional firms, then Peter Zatir’s story “A Career Lost But Not a Way of Life,” which involves funding a buy-sell agreement with disability insurance, would be good to use.

Living Benefits of Life Insurance
In addition to that, here is a great small-business story where Mike Jaap tapped the cash value in his whole life policy to keep his business alive when the economy tanked and clients couldn’t pay him. Share his story “Protection During a Financial Storm” with your clients as well.

These stories highlight business owners and professionals doing the right thing by putting insurance planning in place. We’d love to know how you put them to work in your client outreach.