Drumroll, Please! Life Happens Has a Fresh Look

Today we’re launching a brand new Life Happens logo, the beginning of an overall refresh to our look. We last updated our brand in 2014 when we changed our name to Life Happens after 20 years as the LIFE Foundation. That name change simplified our message to make it more consumer-friendly and emphasized our identity as a nonprofit organization. Now, it’s time for the next iteration. 

While we’ve evolved over the years, our nonprofit mission has stayed the same: to empower consumers by educating them about life insurance and its related products so they can protect their loved ones. We’re excited to share these brand updates with you and why we’re making them.

Our new logo uses upper and lowercase letters for improved accessibility while conveying a more approachable and helpful tone — values that are very important to us as we look to educate all consumers on what can sometimes be a confusing topic.

The other change to note in our new logo is the addition of a period at the end, forming a complete sentence. Isn’t there something powerful in the idea that our name is also a full thought? Life Happens. A period means that there is nothing left unfinished. No question marks, no uncertainties. It so nicely evokes the sense of closure that comes with taking action to protect your loved ones with insurance.

The changes to our logo might seem subtle at first, but they’re important ones. Our creative team and strategic partners have worked hard to create a new brand identity that speaks to our mission. The logo is just the beginning. Stay tuned over the summer as we roll out additional elements of our brand refresh. And feel free to reach out to me with any feedback.