Content Calendar Remains Top Marketing Resource

The Life Happens Pro monthly content calendar remains the tool’s most popular marketing resource while adding tremendous value to our subscribers. 

In a search of our top content from the middle of June until today, our August-September Social Media calendar for Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) 2019 was the most visited content on Life Happens Pro during that time. It was viewed by over 36 percent of subscribers. 

The calendar is beneficial to life insurance agents and companies because they can download and use the posts as-is or they can be edited. Plus, the graphics on the calendar easily download onto your desktop if you click on them.

Agents and companies can take individual posts from the calendar and insert them into their own marketing calendar for any month of the year. It’s easy. 

We create one for each month. Large campaigns such as LIAM get their own special theme calendars too.  

We expect February’s Insure Your Love content calendar to be a big hit the next time we run a similar report. Companies and agents can get a head start on February’s marketing by downloading those calendars below.

IYL Content Calendar for Agent Subscribers

IYL Content Calendar for those who subscribe with Life Happens Pro through their company