Brochures and Flyers and Graphics, oh my!

Having been with Life Happens Pro for more than eight years, Shawne Hebert of SRC Financial Consulting finds great benefit from a span of LHP content like brochures, flyers and graphics. 


One brochure in particular, Taking Care of Business, has been an instrumental educational tool for her time and time again. 


“It really speaks to my small to midsize business owners because most of my clients that are employers don’t know these things. Realistically, a plumber got into business to own a plumbing business, not to know all of this stuff or even think about it. I find this [brochure] to be extremely valuable.” 


Shawne then mentioned that she shows this brochure  to prospects when they come to her office. Her social media manager, Lori Medrano, also pulls content from brochures and repurposes it into social media captions for a different audience. 


“On those days when you are stuck and don’t know what to post, or you need ideas to post, [LHP] gives you everything. You can also use posts on your social media calendar and add verbiage or hashtags,” said Lori. 


Lori continued, “I like the content focused on small businesses because it does well.” She then described the user flow for how a customer seeing this content on social media could follow a content trail to request more information.   


Be consistent,” said Lori. “When people see you posting consistently and using the same hashtags and covering the same information, it’s more likely to leave an impression. The person who is on today may not be on tomorrow.” 


Through educating her clients with social media posts and brochures, Shawne has found a way to successfully market the most important aspect of any agent: themselves. 


“In the grand scheme of things, people are buying me. They can go to any broker that sells life insurance, but I am trying to get them to know me as a person through learning a bit about me and educating them about products. 


Check out the recently expanded Small Business Collection in Life Happens Pro. Share this content with your audience to show how proper insurance can help protect a business—and the families who rely on it.