Frequently Asked Questions

Is a credit card required for the free Lite plan?

No credit card is needed to begin using our Lite plan. Only when you start using the paid subscription plans will you need to enter a credit card.

How long may I use the free Lite plan?

There is no time limit on the free Lite plan. While you can see the full content library you have the ability to download and share assets to a subset of content.

What is Unbranded Content?

Most assets in the content library are formatted with both the Life Happens brand logo and unbranded without the logo. As a Premium subscriber you have access to unbranded content to use how you see fit with your own branding.
Examples of Branded and Unbranded content:

How does Autostream work?

Autostream is a powerful feature allowing you to select a group of content assets and automatically stream the content across your social media channels. You may select the scheduling frequency and times. Content may be scheduled up to 60 days in advance. Scheduled posts will appear in your Life Happens Pro calendar. Autostream is available for Premium subscribers.

How far ahead may I schedule Social Media Posts?

Scheduling social media posts on a regular cadence is a valuable approach to build your brand. Content may be scheduled up to 60 days in advance. Social Media channels require you to reauthorize your security tokens every two to three months.

Are there limits to how much content may be downloaded?

Downloading content is a great way to use content in a variety of ways for your sales and marketing efforts. The daily limit of how many assets may be downloaded varies by plan. Lite- 5 assets per day; Plus 10 assets; Premium 20 assets.

How long may I use the content?

The content is available by you to use as long as you are a subscriber to Life Happened Pro. As stated in the Terms of Service, “Upon termination of this Agreement and/or your subscription to use the Service for any reason, You shall immediately cease all use of the materials You downloaded or are otherwise using from the platform.”

Can we put the content in emails?

Yes, emails are a great way to communicate with customers. Use the Life Happens assets to evoke emotion and drive action. Policy proposals, introductory letters, bulk emails and even email newsletters are some of the many ways to use the material. Our monthly newsletter and blog have numerous customer examples. Don’t leave out video, a pleasant surprise to your customers!

What is content personalization?

Personalization is a feature letting you add your personal branding to graphics. Information available to personalize assets include: Your name and designation; Photo/Logo; Title; Company; Phone number; Email address; and Website. Contrast backgrounds are available as an option as well. Depending on the content color, you can toggle personalization to display with a dark background with white text or inversely a light background with dark text. Examples of Personalized and Unpersonalized content:

Is the calculator included?

Yes, both the Life Insurance Needs Calculator and Planner may be embedded to your website. You are able to customize the colors to match your website branding.

What is the Agent Locator?

The Life Happens consumer website contains a frequently used tool for people to find insurance professionals in their local area. To be listed in the Agent Locator, you must be a Life Happens Pro subscriber (Plus or Premium) with an annual plan. Premium subscribers are listed first in a geographic area.

Will we appear on your website?

Yes, within the Agent Locator as described above.

What differentiates the Agency version from the Individual Advisor version?

  • All agency advisors work within the same account with complete social posting history.
  • Build and utilize custom content collections for other people to utilize in the agency.
  • Agencies may maintain their own set of users, adding and removing people as needed.
  • User role for person to develop and maintain custom collections for other advisors in the agency.
  • Price per user decreases as your agency grows.

Have more questions?

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